Google Adsense RMT Blacklist

In an effort to provide people with ways to remove gold and power leveling ads from their websites, we have compiled a list of sites that you can blacklist from Google Adsense.

If you have other sites that you have seen pop up on Adsense, please let us know about it!

This is our complete list of gold selling sites.

Last Updated: January 6, 2010

23 Responses to “Google Adsense RMT Blacklist”

  1. justwow says:

    small script i’ve made for removing duplicate entries in a list

  2. BBR says:

    The list has gotten too big to import all the sites into google’s ad filter.
    We need to think up another solution.

  3. WyriHaximus says:

    Very usefull script justwow , maybe you could add a sort option aswell and making everything lowcase :). Ow and I updated the list ;).

  4. WyriHaximus says:

    BBR, indeed 51 should be removed. I’ll and the others will look into this. Checking each site if it’s still on once in a while would be a good plan :).

  5. BBR says:

    From your blog :

    Needs a filter 😡

    WoW Gold Sale
    Prices cut by 25%!

    Buy & Sell W.O.W Accounts
    70’s Starting At $200, 60’s At $100 Sell Your Account for $100-$1000USD

    TOP Cheap Power Leveling
    No bot No Acc ben! 1-70 €169 3,000G 1-60 €89 60-70 €69 Bonus 10000G.

  6. matthew says:

  7. WyriHaximus says:

    I know BBR, but as you said the list is to long :(. And the 2 sites your linking now aren’t in my adsense list :(. (Just add them tho, haven’t seen them before on my own site.) Working a shorter list with all the current sites, maybe I’ll use yours ;).

  8. BBR says:

    I haven’t seen a goldseller on my site in a good while so far. So it seems to be working for the moment.
    However short that may be… damn things are worse than roaches.

  9. WyriHaximus says:

    Yeah it kinda explains why the list has grown this big. It’s also why we created the current list, to only have to active ones on it instead of 1 big list that you can’t fully use in Adsense for the moment.

  10. BBR says:

    Found this one active today :

  11. WyriHaximus says:

    Already had it on the list BBR :).

  12. BBR says:

  13. Metalbunny says:

    A couple more for the filter, these slipped through on my AdWords

    All those sites promoting the same “amazing free secrets on how to make thousands in hours” for $40+ should almost be blocked as well. Free secrets you have to pay for? Gimme a break.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t you guys try to get this list published in the Firefox AdBlock+ list?

  15. Clutter says:

    well think should be added to

  16. WyriHaximus says:

    @ Clutter -> Added including a few others that are running atm.

    @ Anonymous -> It could be an idea, just not sure if that will work. Afaik AdBlock+ does inspect google add for bits of text. If the images where downloaded from the goldsellers their webpages that should work. But afaik they aren’t :(.

  17. Adirix says:

    One I see advertised on my realm is SusanExpress or something. Not sure of the address, but should be easy enough to find out…add it to the list, please.

  18. guilde wow says:

    Thank you very much for this list ! I twitted the address of your blog.
    It was really usefull, I don’t see this awfull adds anymore.

  19. Andreas says:

    Is there a convenient way to import all those blocked sites at one in to adsense block list? or do i have to put them in manually one by one?

  20. […] to leave the ads enabled — for which I thank-you! — note that I’m using the provided blacklist to block all known gold sellers and power level services (now this post will be […]

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