Q: I’m a MMORPG player, how can I help the gold-free community?

A: By supporting those websites which have taken a pledge against gold selling and other “services”. Whether it is through your daily visit, or simply by telling your friends to support NoGold – every player matters! Thats not the only way you can help of course, we are eagerly looking forward to expanding our efforts in new directions. Whether this be gold-farmer gank squads, petitions, or something else, visit our forums to see how you can get involved.

Q: I’m an advertiser, how can I help the gold-free community?
A: As an advertiser, you can help our community by advertising on member websites. Not only do you reach an well-targeted niche market, but most member websites will create a custom solution for your sponsorship. We realize that companies will only continue their campaigns if they see results, and our visitors make a point to purchase through advertisements on NoGold organization member sites. In addition, an ad buy in support of our organization has vast public relations benefits.
Q: I’m a MMORPG webmaster, how can I help the gold-free community?
A: By joining NoGold.org! As a community of MMORPG webmasters, we dislike the secondary market as much as you do. By banding together with us, you can demonstrate that your site is united on ethical standards with other leaders in the community. Member sites have no qualms about helping the no-gold community grow, and happily promote other members. The appearence of the “No Gold” logo adds immediate credibility to your website.

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