About NoGold.org

NoGold.org is an organization of MMORPG webmasters who are opposed to the secondary market which exists outside of MMORPG games. Members of our organization have adopted a zero-tolerance policy against gold selling, account selling, item selling, power leveling, exploits, bots, and related “services” which violate the Terms of Service agreement you signed before you began playing.

Taking such a stance puts many MMORPG websites in a tough position. Providers of these banned services readily advertise on websites devoted to the genre, and provide a consistant and respectable source of income for those who agree to it. Adopting a zero tolerance policy against gold selling and related services often puts such sites in financial crisis.

This organization exists to assist those websites. Our goals:

  • To further develop the community of “gold free websites”. Member sites readily promote other sites in the organization in attempt to help all websites who have no gold advertisements on their pages. NoGold.org members refrain from assisting those websites who have not taken a similar no-gold pledge. Gold companies have taken over the vast majority of World of Warcraft websites (and other MMORPGs as well), and we want to reverse this trend.
  • To assist players who wish to avoid supporting gold sellers. By providing a list of all member websites, you can choose which sites to support with your visit. We aim to inform the community of the gold-free websites, and to show that there are alternatives to supporting the gold-seller subsidized sites.
  • To organize and mobilize players in resistance to gold selling. An organized community can police itself, and be a strong reason for people not to buy gold.
  • In the future, we hope to assist gold-free websites financially through legit advertising programs and other opportunities.

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