Current Google Adsense RMT Blacklist added

Toady we added an extra Blacklist for current gold sellers on Adsense next of the overall list we already have. The new list will be checked and updated weekly. Because the overall list has over 200 sites in it, it cannot be used in Google Adsense anymore. There for the new and smaller list has been created, and it will change more frequently.

Credits to BBR for the initial list.

4 Responses to “Current Google Adsense RMT Blacklist added”

  1. BBR says:

    Also interesting, blizzard sued peons4hire, and won (heard later)

  2. bbr says: is a quite good alternative to google adsense.
    And if wanted, can even be used at the same time on the same site.

  3. The blacklist page says it was last updated two years ago (Jan 6 2010). Anyone know where I can find one that’s still updated? I run the blog and am concerned about gold-seller ads on AdSense too. I won’t consider Project Wonderful much of an option until I reach about 100 pageviews/day, and since it’s the personal blog of a grad student, that may be a while.

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