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More NoGold Community Sites Added

Saturday, June 24th, 2006

Recently, we have had a number of high-quality gaming sites join us in our fight against gold sellers. We would like to welcome the following new members of NoGold:

World of Warcraft:

Split Infinity Radio – Internet Radio made by gamers for gamers. Get Loud, Get Mental.
Whispers of the Fallen – An Alliance Guild on the Shadow Council RP server.
OAP Guild – A European World of Warcraft Guild based on the Trollbane Server.

Other MMOs:

The Warband – A Warhammer Online Community Fansite.
The Huxley Source – A fansite covering Webzen’s “Huxley” MMOFPS.
The Huxley Portal – The Huxley Portal is a fansite for the upcoming MMOFPS Huxley.
Cabal Online – A French fansite dedicated to the MMORPG Cabal Online.

Please give them all a warm welcome!