IGE, the corrupt company

An interesting post on a Japanese lady’s MySpace about her experiences working for IGE.

As referenced here in my blog and as many of you already know , IGE is a slavedriving sweatshop business..But of course they don’t admit it , They pay children (16 years ) China/Japan/Korea and other poor countries to sit in un-aircondtioned warehouses to play 12 hours a day for 1$ an hour. Tomo and I had walked by a room with over 20 over worked / tired and miserable adults and teenagers sitting in front of computers playing World of Warcraft. We were both sick , we had written scripts so that they could sit in front of computers all day to make no where near enough money to get by.

Yes it is their decision they are not slaves but they are being taken advantage of and everyone who buys gold ( I’m sure most of WoW’s player base ) supports it. We walked into that office took the check , and reported the building to authorities. It was shut down and moved I am sure to a different place within a week.

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